Thursday, May 7, 2009

# 45

Ken's Wish: "I wish I had every magical super power I always wanted."

Thursday, April 16, 2009

# 44

darfur, peace, ngo, action, i have 1 wish, wish, change, help, activist, letter, genocide, save lives, help save darfur, help create peace in darfur

"I wish for PEACE in SUDAN!"

Added by wisher: 
"Wishing is great, it helps us to realize our goals.  To make our wishes come true we need ACTION!

Recently in Sudan the president, Omar Bashir, had an arrest warrant (on charges or war crimes and crimes against humanity) put out for him by the International Criminal Court.  In response he expelled sixteen NGOs who provide healthcare, food and essential programs for internally displaced people in the western region of Darfur (  This is an extremely serious action, the UN estimates that over one million people depend on aid for their survival.  The explusion of the NGOs from Darfur will certainly cause suffering, if not the death, of thousands of civillians in a war that has already caused the death of over 400,000 people and displaced over 2.7 million!

My wish is not just for peace, I wish that everyone who visits this site would take ACTION!  Write a letter to our prime minister, tell him how you feel about the sistuation in Darfur.  OR even easier than that is call 1-800-GENOCID(E) and tell the government how you feel directly, it only takes five minutes!"

Together cuz we can help a wish come true! Please do your part!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

# 43

i have 1 wish, stay young, act young, i wish to act young forever, youth, behvoir, fun, wishing

Tina's wish: "I wish to stay [cross out] ACT YOUNG forever!"

Great Tweet from Douglas Stuart

I thought this was a great quote to share that we think exemplifies one of goals on ihave1wish:

"You can Achieve all you want in life if you help enough other people Achieve what they want in life"

We found this quote by following Douglas Stuart on Twitter and thought this is exactly what we want to help you too! We want you to share your wishes with us and help you to achieve those as well through a little bit of hope, encouragement and smile all the way through!

You can follow Douglas Stuart on Twitter
here or visit his website!

# 42

i have 1 wish, meadowlilly, east london, park, london ontario, wishing, help, action, activist, help save park

"I wish that Carols wish comes true! Help save Meadowlily Park Lands in London ONT!"

(For information on this project please check out their website:

# 41

Sarah's wish: "I wish that me and my family are safe forever"

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

# 40

Brittany and David's wish: "I wish the COLOUR of our outer organ NEVER be grounds 4 conflict AGAIN!"

# 39

Emily's wish: "I wish...ALL THE TIME..."

# 38

animal, dog, wishes, i have 1 wish, i wish for more cookies, cookies, treats, dog wishes

Pete's wish: "I wish I had MORE COOKIES!"

# 37

Hugyecz's wish: "My wish:
friends forever and a boyfriend. And a summer job in Germany. and a job part of the university. and...

# 36

Niamh's wish: "I wish I could start my 2000 word essay and have it done for tomorrow!!!" 

(We wish you all the motivation and luck in the world Niamh!)

# 35

Carols and Meadowlilly's wish: "My wish is a BIG WISH and a Creative Wish! That 168 MEADOWLILLY Rd South be rezoned as parkland or open space so that it will be an oasis of PEACE and QUIETNESS in east LONDON for all Citiziens and visitors to enjoy: a place to walk and picnic, a protective buffer zone for meadowlilly woods e.s.a, and an opportunity to restore a portion of the carolinian forest, a place to LEARN about and EXPERIENCE our NATURAL and HISTORIC HERITAGE

(For information on this project please check out their website: 

Wisher's we can help make this come true :) Lets get involved! sign the petition:

# 34

Maria's wish: "I wish there was such thing as a magic wand!" 

Monday, April 6, 2009

# 33

Joyce's wish: "I wish for Emily to get 100% on her assignment :)" 

(The i have 1 wish team highly supports this wish...and seriously in no way requested it...the people have spoken!!!) 

# 32

LetsHearItForMe's wish: "I wish my essay will finish itself!"

(wished via twitter ...follow us on twitter 2!)

# 31

"I wish there were MORE HOURS in a day!!!"


Kal's wish: " I wish to have SUPERPOWERS!" 

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Ayenia's wish 3: "I wish to never (really) grow up"


Ayenia's wish 2: "I wish to always remember where I came from"

( That I always know how to appreciate my family, my history, my roots... because when all goes awry... they ground me, and remind me of who I really am...)